2017: A year in review

By Cody Carnachan
22nd December 2017

With projects & milestones whizzing past in the flurry of business, it’s both daunting & empowering to sit back and reflect on an entire year.

We are approaching our 5th year in business, and it’s been quite the journey. Here are the honest, no-holds-barred ups and downs of our best one yet.

An expanding team

They say that "managing people" is the most difficult part of running a business. I definitely agree!

But just because something is difficult, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. People breathe expression into output, creativity into art, strategy into rollout & life into an organisation.

This year we’ve almost doubled in size and had the privilege of four new members joining the team —

I want to extend a massive thank you to you all for living our culture & giving everything you’ve got.

Along with the rest of the team, you guys are champs 🏆.

A new calibre of clients

Hatch would be nothing without the people who trust in us to help them grow their organisations.

In 2017 we had the honour of partnering with truly visionary business leaders, launching:

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all, amongst our many other projects. We look forward to working beside you throughout 2018 to continue achieving great results for you & your businesses.

A strengthened culture

I’ve always held the belief that our people are our greatest asset.

This year, we extended that philosophy and implemented a plethora of culture-led initiatives.

The most impactful was implementing a company-wide, one-week retreat. Held in February, Hatch Week established a united & confident team, a strong & stable culture and an authentic & consistent set of values.

Four day work-weeks continued to be popular. We stepped things up and extended our lunches to 90-minutes, allowing time for the whole team to head down for a game of tennis or session at the gym.

A slick, new Hatch

We undertook a behemoth rebrand of Hatch, lasting almost 6 months.

This was much more than a new lick of paint. It was us finding our voice. We are absolutely stoked with the result).

A healthy business

Although we don’t usually like to make things about numbers, it’s always good to know you can invest in your people, grow, have a whole lot of fun & still have a healthy business.

It was a stellar year, where we achieved 2.4x our previous year’s revenue.

On a personal note

Personally, 2017 has been tough but rewarding.

I encountered major roadblocks. Suffering severe fatigue from overworking and not looking after myself. It was an eye opener.

Although the importance of wellbeing is commonly discussed, it isn’t widely understood. This is an issue I’ve become passionate about as a result of my experience, and because of this Hatch will be launching a solution to this problem for business owners in early 2017.

A massive thank you

We are fortunate to have an extensive community of friends, family, partners, colleagues & even strangers who support us in many different ways. We are extremely grateful for this support and are looking forward to new initiatives planned for 2018 that will give back to you all.

We have an exciting line up of ideas, activities, businesses & strategies that we can’t wait to launch in 2018. More exciting is to have you on the journey with us.

Here’s to 2018.