A Year In Review: 2014 (& Beyond)

By Cody Carnachan
21st December 2014

Wow, what a year!

One of our goals at Hatch is to be transparent about starting and growing a business as young professionals. In this post, we want to provide a bit of insight in to what we’ve been up to, how we’ve done and what we’ve learnt along our journey.

This year has been a big year at Hatch and we’ve got heaps to share so I’ll get straight to it.


This year, we spent about two months renovating and converting a space into our office. It was a very challenging task but we are super happy with the end result and it has been great to have our own space.


Internships are a very important part of what we do at Hatch as we are always looking to pass on our knowledge and experience and help other people get into the industry.

From March till December (and for varying lengths of time) we also had four interns: Ben, Finn, Kirushi and Priscilla. It has been a pleasure having you guys and we hope you learnt a lot while you were with us.

Here’s a little testimonial from one of our interns about his experience at Hatch.

I couldn’t have asked for a more discerning couple of bosses (especially when it comes to code review!). Cody and Liann have showed me the importance of taking pride in what you make. Their attention to detail combined with the passion they show for their work and their business makes Hatch something special.

Ben Coullie (Full-Time Intern, Hatch)


The year has seen a huge amount of growth for Hatch in terms of clients and revenue. In 2014, we managed to increase our revenue by 350% from the 2013 year; seeing as we have just begun our second year in business, we are stoked with that.


This year we also began to improve our internal processes and put measures in place to ensure we were outputting high quality work.

  1. Agile Productivity Towards the end of the year, we integrated the Agile Productivity Methodology into our development workflow. Agile development is about make smaller iterations to products, shipping early, continuously improving and adapting to change and reiterating. This was a big stepping stone for us as we could get products in front of our clients much quicker and start getting feedback straight away.

  2. Weekly Sprints Somewhat related to agile development, we also began working in weekly sprints. Sprints are set periods (we worked in weekly sprints) where we look and what is left to be completed on project, estimate the time (as a team) that the tasks will take and then work out what we’ll be able to accomplish in one week. This is a great way to do things as our clients now feel more informed and in-the-know about what’s happening with their products.


This year we’ve had an array of interesting and down-right awesome new clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Stevens Lawson Architects
  • SKY TV
  • Dilworth Old Boys Association
  • Jasmin Organics
  • UN Youth
  • Marilyn’s Hairdressing
  • HIIT Fitness
  • Cashmore Contractors

Let’s not forget our longest-standing client, Truly & Madly.

We’ve done some awesome work with you all and can’t wait to see your businesses grow and flourish throughout 2015.

Looking forward to 2015

We have a lot in store for next year and can’t wait to get back into it after our holiday over Christmas and New Years.

Marketing Plan

Throughout 2014, we began developing a Marketing Plan. Up until this point, it hadn’t been an issue not having one but I wanted to start marketing & advertising in 2015 and knew we would need one.

I’d like to thank Jules, a personal friend of mine, for all his help and assistance with this. One thing you learn as new business owners is that you don’t know everything and that you will need help from other people. I’m extremely grateful that Jules was able to share his expertise in Sales & Marketing and help us develop a kick-ass Marketing Plan.


One thing that came from the discussion around our Marketing Plan is that we needed to freshen up the Hatch brand. As a result, we’ve rebranded the company and are currently working on our brand spanking new website.

We’ll be launching the rebranded Hatch and our redesigned website towards the end of January 2015 so watch this space!

New Internships

Next year, we’ll be looking to offer more internships at Hatch. We will be posting more details about these early next year so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page if this is something that interests you.

Expanding Our Client Base

Next year we’ll begin an advertising push in an attempt to widen our client base and grow the company. We are hoping this will equip us with the stability to grow and take on full time staff at Hatch.

Final words

Thanks 2014 for being a great year! Time has flown by and despite all the late nights and stressful times, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. A big thanks to my business partner, Liann, for all her hard work this year! We make an awesome team and I can’t wait to see everything we get up to over the coming years!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas, New Years and an awesome, sunny, summer holiday.