Hola, I’m Sam and I’ve just started as an intern here at Hatch doing front-end development and UX design.

I am nearing the completion of an Interactive Design degree at Media Design School, and have chosen to get some experience in a real workplace to make me a top candidate when it comes to applying for a job.

My Background

In 2013 I made the decision to relocate my life from Christchurch to here in Auckland; I have always loved visiting this city and when I saw the opportunity to study at Media Design School I took the leap. I started off studying graphic design and was introduced to the world of coding at the end of my first year of study.

Front-end development gave me the ability to mix my technical mind with my creative side, this prompted me to change my major to interactive design and I haven’t looked back.


I spent a lot of my time on my computer and my iPhone and I am always asking why or how, I love knowing how a website works and why the developers have made certain decisions. It’s exciting to follow trends and learn new ways to go about creating websites and applications. The field is always evolving and learning new things keeps me interested.

What else do I do?

To support myself through my studies I have been working making coffee, which has evolved into a passion for me. I’ve been working at Espresso Workshop as a Speciality Coffee barista, making everything from pour over coffees, to nitrogenated cold brews. Making coffee is an intricate art that I will always love doing.

me working coffee festival
Me Working at the Auckland Coffee Festival 2016 ☕️
📷 by: Black Coffee Only
chemex on display
Chemex on Display ☕️
📷 by: Black Coffee Only

On top of this, I am a bit of a foodie. I am known to occasionally photograph my meals, and exhaustively go through Metro Magazine’s Cheap Eats list. My favourite at the moment is Chinoiserie in Mount Albert.

I also love taking photos in my free time, It’s not something I put a lot of time into but I love the results from a good shoot.

ferry terminal photography
My photography of the Auckland Ferry Terminal

I have just started at Hatch and I already know I will learn so much. The team here are so friendly and complete such a high standard of work.

I am looking forward to working with the team.