Meet the Team: Ben

By Ben Coullie
2nd September 2014

Kia ora!

My name’s Ben Coullie and I’ve been noobing (read interning) at Hatch over the past two or so months. Under the watchful guidance of Liann and Cody, I’ve been hard at work taking on anything from Illustrator designs to morning coffee duty and server side integration.

So yeah… Hatch. What’s that about?

As you might not know, I’m not from New Zealand. Arriving here from sunny South Africa about 8 months ago, I’ve been trying my best to acclimatise to the new life (and the new weather).

With nothing but a three month web dev course, a philosophy degree and a blossoming love for all things code-like I somehow stumbled upon Hatch who, at that time, just happened to be on the lookout for an intern. Sweet-as.

A fortuity or so later I found myself in a cozy Favona office puzzling over Ruby on Rails and surrounded by mac users and an office playlist which at first seemed to consist solely of Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.

A tweak or two to the playlist and a ton of learning later and I’ve come to really appreciate the new environment, enjoying every day I spend in the office. Thanks to Liann and Cody’s unerring patience and help, I’m coming to realise that a job in web design is a job that I can enjoy doing.


As a person I’ve always been more prone to the creative than the analytical. Hopping from one artistic interest to the next, my life is peppered by impassioned forays into cartooning, animation, poetry, literature, instrumentation and music composition.

At the moment I’m enamoured with soundtracks and the way they work, frolic or creep behind the scenes. As an avid gamer, I’ve seen time and again how the right song at the right moment can be the difference between a good game and a moving masterpiece.

Motivated by the likes of Hans Zimmer and The Track Team I’ve been composing for about two years now, trying to recreate the specific feeling soundtracks give me and, although I’m still a long way off, I treasure the dream of composing for indie games or movies some day.

When I’m not coding or composing I tend to spend my time daydreaming about travel and exploration. Having been lucky enough to live in Africa, North America and now Australasia, I’ve found that New Zealand is my favourite country yet - and I’ve still got so much to discover here!

Final thoughts

The web is the perfect place, as Liann said, for art forms to combine, grow and find an audience. It represents to me a new frontier of collaborative culture, a transient and fluctuating mass of information and passion - a brave new world of pixels and code - and I’m glad to be able to help shape it.

Hatch has been a breath of fresh air! I’d like to thank Cody, Liann, Finn, Kirushi and Priscilla for making my first real-world web development experience a welcoming and fun one. Cheers guys!