Meet the team – Charlie

By Charlie Hlavac
6th July 2017

Hey, guys! I’m Charlie, Hatch’s new in-house digital designer.

I guess you could say that creativity runs in the family. My mum has been involved in sign-writing & branding from a young age, dad ran his own wooden furniture/cabinet-making business for the majority of my 21 years and my older sister graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Me as a cheeky wee lad

I have very fond memories of a creative childhood, attending art classes & crafting all kinds of instruments, boxes, weaponry, etc, from the off-cuts in my dad’s workshop. As the years went by, I fell in love with technology - a defining moment being when my dad brought home our first family computer (an absolute dinosaur in comparison to tech nowadays) with a selection of old school video games and software.

Through my schooling years, I thoroughly enjoyed developing creative web & design skills in various software & practical applications which eventually led to my decision to go and study a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at AUT after finishing high school.

At uni we were facilitated in an incredible studio environment for 3 years and were essentially given free reign to work on anything we wanted to and submit it for our marks at the end of each semester. I was incredibly blessed to have met some of my best mates throughout these three years and even form an award winning VR Development team, Float Studios, with 5 other students. Over this time I also managed to develop my skillset & work on a multitude of projects including the fabrication of hand-crafted, wooden speakers, a musical loop app, an adventure card game titled “ShipWrecked”, a musically-inspired adventure video game titled “The Last Mixer” and two VR titles - “Kraken” & “Chasm”. (See Float Studios - Float Studios - YouTube)

Gold Pin Winners of the Student Interactive Category at the 2016 NZ Best Awards for Float Studios’  VR Title “Chasm”

Having graduated in a Bachelor of Creative Technologies in November 2016, I was thrown out into the real-world and met with the realisation that I would have to start looking for my first-ever, full-time job. After a few months of web & design freelancing and sending out around 30 Job Applications a day I found myself being interviewed by, trialling and now working full-time for Hatch. It’s not often that you manage to find and work for a company with an awesome team culture & vision alongside a fun, friendly & helpful group of people. I have already learnt so many practical, hands-on skills and really refined my creative process.

In my spare time, I love to catch up with friends & family, serve & design at Central Church, binge-watch the latest & greatest shows/films, play a set or two of Tennis, jam some video games from time to time and explore the great outdoors.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Hatch and the role that I play in contributing to further building the company & its successes!