Meet the Team: Cody

By Cody Carnachan
24th August 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Hey! My name is Cody and I’m one of the Directors at Hatch.

I founded this company with Liann and Jeanine back in 2013. We have recently passed our one-year birthday and are absolutely loving the thrill of owning & running our own business.

Pixels and Code will be a creative outlet for the team at Hatch and this is the first in a series of blog posts in which each and every member of the team will introduce themselves.

On to the introduction.

A little about me

My background is in programming. When I was 14, I developed an interest in building my own websites. The first language I learnt was PHP (quickly followed by HTML & CSS). I became more and more interested in the look and feel of the websites I was building and then began my interest in design & user experience.

A lot of people ask how I learnt the things I know and, if I’m being completely honest, the answer is "I don’t know"; it was a totally organic experience. I worked on little projects that I enjoyed and asked lots of questions like "How do I do this?" and "What about if I tried it this way?".

In my last year of high school at Dilworth College, I got together with a bunch of friends and built Spektrym. This was the first big project I got involved in. Our team consisted of 5 core people: Edward, Ashley, Fraser, Patrick and myself.

Spektrym was a social network for studying that made studying with & helping other people from different cultural, spiritual & academic backgrounds easier. In the year that Spektrym ran we achieved quite a bit of success including winning a Spark (Entrepreneurship Challenge at University of Auckland) Ideas Challenge Prize in the Social Category. We were also featured on Stuff not once, but two times. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we had to stop and go our separate ways after we finished school.

I had a lot of interests in school and up until my last year I wanted to: go to University, study biomedical sciences and then do research in the area of epigenitics. Working on Spektrym was really a defining point in my life, eventually leading to me deciding to pursue web development as a career.

After mucking around a bit at UoA I ended up at Media Design school -where all the magic happened. This is where I met Liann and Jeanine (and a bunch of other awesome people) and decided to start Hatch. I won’t ruin one of our planned blog posts on how we started so I’ll end there.

What I do with my spare time

On the rare occasion that I’m not thinking about how we can improve things at Hatch, there’s a couple of things I might be doing.

In the evenings, I go to Kung fu classes. I really enjoy doing something physical and getting away from the computer. Kung fu also really appeals to me because I like the philosophy behind it and find merit in drawing different aspects of this philosophy into other areas of my life. I have been training for almost three years at the Shaolin Gao Can Men Nam Pai Chuan school all over the country.

I’m also a classically trained pianist. After completing my Grade 8 back in 2011 I’ve tried to find ways to keep playing, including: playing for shows and accompanying other instrumentalists (for their exams etc). I also give a few people lessons - another great outlet!

Recently I got involved with helping out with New York Nights Live - an open music night for (not exclusively) musical theatre enthusiasts. NYN runs on the last Sunday of every month and has grown a lot over the past few months & years. If you’re interested in coming along, check out our Facebook.

Apart from this, I enjoy going for drives up to Omaha, Mangawhai or going out and trying all different types of cuisines in Auckland with friends; my favourite restaurant at the moment is definitely Ima.

Final words

I hope I haven’t raved on too much! I’m excited to launch this blog and give other young people (and everyone else) a little more of a personal insight into our lives, what it’s like running a business & hopefully inspire others to achieve extraordinary things.

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from Steve Jobs:

Stay hungry, stay foolish.