Meet the team: crouch, touch, pause, en-Gage!

By Gage Keenan
25th October 2018

Kia Ora! I’m Gage, Hatch’s Digital Strategist.

Gabe? Greg? Gauge? No, It’s Gage. Unique right? My mother tells me it was the name of the boy in the classic Stephen King book, Pet Sematary. Having a unique name has its pros and cons. The main con being you know when you’re the one in trouble. But … I was a good kid growing up in Napier. Geeky, but got along with pretty much everyone.

So let’s talk more that geeky side.

Way back in 2003, at the age of about 8, I started building websites (on the old Microsoft Frontpage). Then, I designed my primary school’s intranet which provided classes with the latest news from the school’s administration team.

By 11, I had mastered the skills of creating amazing interactive powerpoints, and teachers used to call me from class to help them with their computer issues – maybe that was just because they could remember the name.

I moved up to Auckland and attended high school here where I was given the opportunity to master my creative design skills – well up to NCEA standards – as well as meet my best buddy. Somehow I also landed my first paid gig as a PHP developer (don’t judge) creating an online catalog for a small Kiwi business.

It was at this point where I really discovered my passion for web dev & web tech.

I decided University wasn’t for me

I finished High School and was faced with the choice of choosing between all the fields of study I was keen on pursuing at University. The list was endless, Chefing, Web Dev, Creative Design, Marketing and Software Dev to name a few. Instead of making a choice, I decided to hold off spending any money on Uni at all. So I took a year off to earn money and think about what I wanted to do.

That year turned into 7 - and counting.

I joined Yellow New Zealand, working my way quite rapidly through the company until I had the opportunity to design new product delivery processes, streamline existing products and grow a great, high performing team.

I had the freedom to experiment with technologies, and work with companies ‘Young Gage’ could only dream of. I’m talking about working with Google and visiting their New York office, developing machine learning models to predict authenticity in reviews and increase the value given back to small business owners through the effectiveness of digital marketing.

You might be saying to yourself, “Hey Gage! That’s a lot of pretty cool stuff you’ve done. Do you even have spare time?”. And my answer is surprisingly yes!

I like to work on lots of little micro projects.

At the moment, it’s overhauling the garden. Weeds aren’t in fashion right now so I’ve been work my way around the outside of the house to give it a nice summery feel.

I should also mention that I spend a lot of free time with my partner too. Every year, we make an effort to travel overseas to experience different cultures. So far, my favourite has been Japan! We’ve actually visited twice and would highly recommend it. Every season is so unique so it’s quite easy to go back and have different experiences.

This brings us back to Hatch, which I am really pumped to join!

My role with Hatch is to oversee projects from end to end, uncovering beautiful nuggets of information during the research and discovery phase, providing the strategy to accomplish the solutions we come up with and to guide the team through the implementation of the best solution.