Meet the Team: Daniel

By Daniel Cheiban
24th May 2015


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I’m Daniel, the young new intern at Hatch! The experience so far has been very rewarding and it has been a pleasure working in such a cool environment.

How is everything going?

Great! Being a recent high school leaver undertaking an engineering degree at the University of Auckland, interning at Hatch has been the perfect way to procrastinate! I am really enjoying my engineering course and am even getting a good idea about what field to specialise in next year (which is helpful). As to the internship, I have learnt heaps so far with the expert guidance of Cody and am really looking forward to becoming more able in the field of web development.

My background

Growing up on small farms for most of my childhood left me an avid hunter with a soft spot for the beautiful country side. I was very fortunate to attend Dilworth School for the last three years of my secondary schooling. Dilworth gave me an unbelievable amount of support and opportunities. There is no way I would be where I am today without that input and I am very grateful.

Towards the end of my last year at school I helped work on a project called Haggle which was my first taste of web design. It was the most exciting feeling and sparked an awesome desire to pursue web development!

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Other things I put my mind to…

My lovely mother made me take guitar lessons at 12 years of age, even though I wasn’t keen at all. After gaining confidence I quickly became passionate about the instrument and now I can’t imagine my life without it! Guitar understanding easily spread to the bass guitar and with all that understanding I started up my weekend job/project teaching the bass and guitar which I thoroughly enjoy doing. Whether performing, experimenting with different styles or even just mucking around, playing the guitar always brings me joy.

Over the last few years I had an increasing interest in people’s philosophies. An interest partly started though taking classical studies in high school, reading about Cicero’s ideal man, the sword of Damocles and the importance of ideas. This was actually something that I was thinking about pursuing in tertiary level education however decided just to stick with engineering.

I always try to never be less idle than when I have nothing to do. Always working on something (you should see the lists I make haha). Just trying to turn some potentiality into actuality I guess!

Thank you!

To finish off, I would like to share one of my favourite quotes with you.

“Everything is quite alright, our worth secure and true. Everything’s not quite alright, we’ve worthy work to do.”