Meet the Team: Finn

By Finn Clark
29th September 2014


My name is Finn and I have been an intern at Hatch from March this year and loving it! I began with little to no prior knowledge of coding, however, with the help from Cody and Liann as well as the other interns, I have learnt so much in a relatively short space of time.

A little about me

I am the youngest of the Hatchlings at a prime 19 years old. Currently I am in my second year of university at AUT, studying a bachelor of graphic design. Originally, I was born in Sydney but moved to Auckland when I was 7. I moved around a couple of primary schools until I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Dilworth School.

Dilworth is an amazing school, one which I encourage anyone to read up on. They drastically changed my life for the better and helped ignite my design ambition, getting me to where I am now.

Although the core of my degree is based around graphics, I have explored many avenues of design, ranging from typography and book-making to information and sculpture design. I fell in love with photography after my brother showed me its potential many years ago. He is much better than me but I am now at a stage where I can join him on photography trips and not feel terrible.

One of my favourite hobbies is going out to nature-filled environments to take photos. Landscape photography can be very rewarding, although after taking hundreds of photos, I may only end up with a couple of good images post-editing. Portraiture can be fun too but more often than not, the best photos will be rare cases of unplanned, great lighting. I guess that the experience of not knowing how my shots will come out on the day is what I really love.

I have recently begun playing squash at Herne Bay Rackets Club. A sport that I grew up watching my dad play and now carry on in his footsteps, playing a couple times a week with either my girlfriend, Emily or some actual competition, Ben, the intern you have met previously in our blog.

Learning to code has been an amazing journey so far and I plan to extend my skills as a web-designer/developer in parallel with graphic design going into the future. With only about one year left in my course, the web industry is looking more and more promising. I hope to be continuing to work with the amazing team here at Hatch for the forseeable future!

So that is pretty where I am now in a nutshell. Time for me to do some work. I hope you are loving our blog series so far!

Until next time,

  • Finn