Meet the Team – Henry

By Henry Lawrence
2nd August 2017

Hi all! I’m Henry from Wellington, I’ve just started as a Junior Front End Developer at Hatch.

My passion for coding websites started when I was at primary school. The earliest memory of which was borrowing an ‘HTML for dummies’ textbook from a visit to the local library, and sitting down in front of a Windows 98 computer working it all out. Fast forwarding to university where my passion became apparent – making things that look beautiful and function soundly. All in those languages I had discovered so many years ago.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design Innovation, I got a taste for the startup world at a couple of accelerators – Startup Weekend as a photographer, then Lightning Lab XX, and the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator, both in design roles. These gave me a thorough understanding of what a startup really is, and the immense effort that’s involved in building a company from the ground up. It was these experiences, mixed with Computer Science papers at university that helped grow my understanding of web development and proved that this is where I am meant to be.

I’ve always had an interest in photography, and after experimenting with several SLR cameras, playing with the different styles, I’ve settled on film.

It’s a more laborious & costly process, but the payoff is most definitely worth it to have a physical record of my photos. Rather than taking 1000’s on an SD card – nothing against SLR’s, they’re great for a certain purpose.

I have goals to get my photos into a darkroom, and develop the shots myself, really experiencing/appreciating the full process from shot to print. Here is a shot I took in Nelson in the garden of my Aunts’ house.


And a second from The Square, in my home town, Martinborough.


In my spare time, you’ll find me out on the golf course, keeping in touch with my family and friends, trying a new craft beer, or scaling the nearest hill to find a new perspective of Auckland.

Back to how I came to Hatch.

After a skype call with Cody, Roy, and Ed and a visit to meet me in Wellington, I was delighted to be offered a role at Hatch. From day one I could see that everyone embraces the culture here, and are hard working people, which makes getting immersed in it that much more exciting.