Meet the Team: Kirushi

By Kirushi Arunthavasothy
8th October 2014

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Hey guys, my name is Kirushi and I currently work as a Back-End Intern at Hatch. Hatch really stood out to me because of their immediate success within a few months of starting up, so as soon as they began taking in applications I applied and luckily landed a position!

Growin’ up

I was born in Sri Lanka but I came to New Zealand at the tender age of 2 meaning I pretty much grew up here. In high school I realised I wasn’t too bad at maths and really dug into the subject.

Once I got to University I went for the typical engineering path but I wasn’t quite sure on the specialisations that UoA offered. I really wanted to do Aerospace Engineering but it wasn’t offered at UoA and I wasn’t quite motivated enough to study overseas.

After some soul searching, I fell into Software Engineering, struggled through and I am currently a few weeks away from finishing this long journey.


I began working at Hatch in March and it has been a great year working with Cody, Liann, Finn and later Ben. They are all so talented at what they specialise in. To be frank I am quite jealous of Liann’s design skills.

I haven’t quite had much time for Hatch due to a mountain of work from University, but I take pleasure in every minute I spend working here. What I’m looking forward to the most is committing more hours once university is finished to further my skills as a web developer but more importantly get closer to the team.

You’re not even that interesting…

Well you’re wrong! I do quite a lot of boring stuff but I like it. I dabble in some web development on the side when I’m not working at Hatch or doing university work. I also enjoy running and kick boxing; however, time has been a huge problem for the past year and a half so I have put these activities on hold and decided to eat full time.

I hope I can do some travelling in the next few years, I would really love to visit Asia and see the wonders lying there.

I’m quite nostalgic so I tend to listen to a lot of 90’s music too:

Final Thoughts

I’ve worked at many places since I was a teen, and I can easily say Hatch is the most welcoming.

I hope I gave you all enough insight about myself, Hatch is gonna be a huge player soon so watch this space.