Meet the team: Michael

By Michael Mcleod
13th June 2019

Hi, I’m Michael! One of the full-stack developers here at Hatch.

I like to dabble in a wide variety of disciplines both inside and outside the ‘tech world’. When I’m not getting stuck in on a client project, you might find me training in circus acrobatics, playing the piano or studying Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Having my hands reasonably full with study and various other commitments in my high school years, I hadn’t even considered working in the tech industry or written a single line of code all the way up until graduating.

But that all changed when I decided to study Computer Science at the University of Auckland the next year. After writing my first couple of programs, I quickly discovered how expressive programming could be and was instantly hooked.

Taking a year off to travel

After finishing my conjoint degree in Computer Science and Ancient History I spent two years in a software development role before deciding to pack up my bags and head off to Europe for a year of travelling. It was an awesome experience to finally get the chance to explore that side of the world and visit all the spots I’d be wanting to see since I was a kid.

Arriving at Hatch

After arriving back home, I came across an opportunity at Hatch. Having already heard about Hatch and knowing I wanted to try my hand at a role where I’d get to work on a wide variety of projects, I quickly sent through an application. And so there I was, roughly three weeks later, starting my first day here at Hatch!

In my time so far, I think I’ve found the collaborative culture here to be the aspect I find most valuable. It’s nice to work in an environment where we’re actively encouraged to support and learn from one another. I can stay confident that client’s needs are being met and leverage the different talents amongst the team to create solutions that are tailored to the problem at hand. Being a visual person, it’s also awesome to have the opportunity to work on new and exciting web projects and help bring them to life.

I’m super excited about our ambitions for the future and being able to play my part in that journey.