Meet the Team: Olly

By Olly Meyer-Smith
3rd September 2018

Hello everyone, I’m Olly and I have have just started at Hatch as a Business Development Manager. It’s only the first week but I’m loving the experience so far!

So, what’s my story?

At the beginning of the year I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I left my job in the data services industry and booked a ticket to Japan and Europe. I had a great couple of months eating ramen in Tokyo, exploring the craft breweries of Barcelona and the beautiful beaches of Croatia.

However the money only lasts for so long… so I came back to New Zealand and stumbled across Hatch.

What gets me out of bed?

Unlike most of the team I don’t have a background in web design and development. My passion is working with a diverse range of people to make a difference in their organisations.

So, the work I do at Hatch aligns naturally with me as we focus on achieving big impacts for all our partners…and from what I’ve seen, nail it!

It’s great to be part of a team that gets a kick out of the same things I do.

How do I spend my (now 3-day) weekends?

On the weekends you will normally find me playing cricket on the green fields at Cornwall Park or at the Indoor Cricket nets over the Winter. My days playing high level outdoor cricket are over but I am now proud to be apart of the Cornwall Rum Specials. And, in the winter, Indoor Cricket takes me around NZ playing in various national tournaments and on the weekend in the Auckland Super League.

If I’m not playing cricket I normally have a beer in my hand. Craft beer has become a big passion of mine over the last year and I spend a lot time at the great free houses in Auckland and building my “Beer Cellar” (which currently resides in my wardrobe).

I follow a lot of sport as well as run a few fantasy teams. I also love watching Anime, playing video games, am right into fitness and, of course, having a beer with my mates on a Friday night.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and, as the first official Business Development Manager at Hatch, finding even more awesome people that we can work with to help them grow their businesses.