Meet the Team: Roy

By Roy Zane
5th December 2015

Hello readers, I’ve just started at Hatch as a Web Developer and what a great place to be!

Some stuff I do

Some people call me a petrol-head or boy-racer, but I prefer car enthusiast. I enjoy everything about cars, looking at them, hearing them, working on them - it’s a lifestyle. I’m also a photographer, primary doing events/birthdays/functions but recently I’ve done work involving night photography… of cars - surprise surprise! Here are a couple of shots:

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Oh yes I also used to DJ for bars which was equally awesome as it was hilarious - especially when someone wanted to play "Moves Like Jagger" while I was in the middle of a Netsky mix, but sadly I’m finding less time for that and only tinker around with mixes at home.

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A Brief Look Leading Up To Hatch

Coming from an Electrical Engineering background, I left uni with a mountain of debt and knowing exactly what I didn’t want to do - sorry engineering friends #NotSorry. I worked as a tester in a small startup for a while and moved onto a bigger company - still doing testing. This type of work was far too repetitive for me so once again, I had spent time finding out exactly what I didn’t want to do - sorry testing friends #NotSorry.

I’m a firm believer on the importance of personal development - it arms you with the skills and knowledge to 1. identify opportunity and 2. effectively use the opportunity. I was starting to look for places sharing the same view (many places say they do, but sadly don’t hold up their end of the deal).

It wasn’t until about a year into my corporate job when I realised that I my personal development rate was VERY slow. The slow, cruising environment where everyone was content with their same day to day doings, being fine with ‘good enough’ and not learning anything new (at the pace I would have liked), made me realise that I was in the wrong place.

I started to do a lot of reading as well as frequenting a site called Quora, giving my interest for small business/startups a big push. The more experiences (how startups work, people working at startups, the struggles, the successes) I read from people, the more I indulged.

You could call it fate, but just as I was absorbing all the knowledge, I met Cody at a mutual friend’s Christmas dinner. She had told me he started up a company with a few friends, so I tried to play it cool and not let my eagerness to learn about what it’s like to run a company scare him off (I guess it worked otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this #KeptItCool). Over the next half year we chatted about start-ups and the whole culture behind it.

Then one night while I was out eating dessert (mention of dessert is important), I saw an opportunity arise: “Hatch is now hiring!” - spot on with the Facebook marketing Cody. Once again I played it (or tried to) super cool and asked it would be possible to catch up and talk about this opportunity.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I had to feed my thirst for business knowledge so my decision was already made before we met (would have been funny if I got denied huh?). When the light was green for me to join Hatch, I quit my other job. On the same day.

Life @ Hatch

Many people questioned my decision on leaving the ‘safety net’ of a corporate job but I can definitely say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made (please note that I am NOT against working at a corporate job - my interests and personality just didn’t fit into the previous environment).

It’s different being at Hatch, I don’t get up and think “should I call in sick today?” (don’t pretend to be angels, everyone thinks this every now and then), instead I get up excited to see what’s on the agenda at Hatch. I’m constantly learning everyday, not just the hard skills like coding, designing, etc. but all the soft skills which you can’t gain from a normal work environment. We have a heap of fun and we are super productive, it’s a great place where we always discuss new ideas, get into heated arguments and have a good laugh about it afterwards.

I’m happy to be a part of the Hatch journey and will keep in touch on how things are. Chat soon.