Meet the Team: Rupinder

By Rupinder Sandhu
30th April 2015

Hello Hatchlings

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Hey guys! I’m Rupinder, the newest member at Hatch. I have been kindly given the role as Social Media Manager. I have been on board for about three weeks and this is exactly the right role for a marketing student like me.

I am a young Indian man born in the fabulous and glamorous Middlemore hospital. I have lived in New Zealand all my life. My Grandparents are from India and my Parents are from Singapore and Malaysia. So, by nature I am a travelling man. With family all over the world it’s always great to save money on accommodation.

Pikachu - I choose you!

I chose Hatch because it’s a company that is growing fast. I’ve been seeing the name pop up here and there so it seemed like the ideal place to be working at. This position will definitely be a key foundation to my future career in marketing. Already I’m seeing what I learnt in the classroom filter into the workplace. Witnessing actual marketing related activities and seeing how social media plays a massive role in the success of a business inspires me to do well in this position. I get to use the knowledge I paid for to get paid! What else could an undergraduate ask for? (Maybe someone to pay off his student loan haha) This is going to be a fun and rewarding role.

What else do I do?

My other passion is Taekwondo. It was one of the constants throughout my teens. I have certain crazy goals in the sport because of that. I have recently come back from Florida where I competed in the US Open. Last year I went to the Oceania Champs in Sydney and came away with a Bronze medal. I get to travel with the sport I love. It’s a match made in heaven. What else could an athlete ask for? (Someone to pay for my flights haha)

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In between Marketing and Taekwondo I spend time with family and friends discussing and debating the endlessness of the cosmos or the beauty of the quantum. Oh, and I write poetry. It is like the fabric that holds me together. It keeps me grounded, like gravity.

The End

That’s me in a nut shell. I am pretty nuts but I like to do well. That was bad but I am REALLY, REALLY excited to be working at Hatch. It is run by great people. And has a great culture that I am sure will filter into the social media platforms we occupy. Thanks for reading this and I look forward to seeing you around.

- RS