Tuesday was a night of laughs, beers and some insane luck.

Freeman & Grey host a pub quiz every Tuesday evening, filled with a range of questions categorised from "Entertainment" to "Girl Power" (whatever that means).

The night started off with Cody, Liann, Ben and Finn getting seated at a small, wobbly table which was soon fixed by my ingenious napkin-under-the-leg technique. After a few drinks our $4 Pizzas arrived and they did not disappoint - 8.2/10 would recommend.

The quiz system is pretty simple. There are eight rounds with ten questions in each round, a right question equalling one point. Each team picks two rounds prior to starting where they get double the points. For us, we went with "Food & Cuisine" and "Pot Luck".

There is also a ‘Ponderous Puzzle’, where teams are given a clue after each round that slowly gives more information about the answer as the rounds go on. However, the sooner you get the puzzle answer, the more points you acquire. For example, if you get it in round five then your team gets 5 points.

Our team ‘Hatch’ incredibly guessed the answer to the Ponderous Puzzle in the first round. We had no idea but somehow Cody decided we should write ‘101 Dalmations’ and somehow it was correct. We were going really well in the quiz for the first four rounds but it all went downhill from there… We finished off in an upsetting 15th place!

Place aside, it was a great night and something that we would love to do with all the Hatch members.

Next time we will (hopefully) do a bit better…

Stay tuned.