Redefining Hatch: An Insight Into Our New Values

7th August 2017

Cody’s last blog post looked at why Hatch is rebranding, and as he mentioned a lot has changed over the last two years. First of all, other than Cody, none of us were even part of the team at that time.

As the team had changed and grown, we’ve adopted new ways of working – and without sounding too "woo woo" – living as well. We’ve got core parts of what it means to be a part of Hatch that didn’t exist previously. Things like the Four Day Work Week, the 90 Minute Lunch, the Morning Grind and Hatch Week.

Here’s a shot from a tennis match we played against one of our partners – Yellow Pages – during a 90 minute lunch.

These new "programmes" are representative of the values we hold as a team. And while these aspects are fun, we’ve also adopted five core values that represent us as a team.

Defining your values is important not only for success as a team. It is also the first step when rebranding – identifying what makes you who you are, both as a company and as a team.

We have technical definitions in Nest – our values framework – though here are what they mean to me personally –

Being able to "zoom out" to see where you are within the overall context of a situation.

Making choices to ensure that all your needs are met.

Developing our skills to be really good at the technical sides of our jobs and constantly looking for ways to improve.

Finding ways to best work with the team and get the most from each other.

Look for new ways to do things, and continually wonder about how the world works.

When we went through the process of defining our values, we realised that this can really be summed up in one word – Holistic.

Life is full of push and pull, give and take. Whether you refer to this as ups and downs, or backwards and forwards, we can all agree that life is multi-dimensional.

You have to look at it in its entirety. You have to look at the big picture. You have to be … holistic.

By defining this core value for ourselves, we have a starting point for what the brand should represent.

If you are starting a business and need to build a brand, or are looking to rebrand, we strongly suggest that you take a similar approach when deciding upon a visual identity.

Start with your values and then build from there.

Now you’ve learned about what our new values are, next up we’re going to talk about how to take these values and distil them down into something you can use as a basis for moving into the design phase of the rebrand.