Time to Get Ed–ucated

By Ed McKnight
6th December 2016

This isn’t your usual “Meet the Team” blog. Sure, it’s going to get a little personal, but I want to share the story of how I came to be the new Sales and Marketing Manager at Hatch, which starts with the story of how I met our Managing Director, Cody Carnachan.

As an awkward fifteen year old growing up in a small Taranaki town, my Mum (not her real name) was keen to send me to boarding school (probably for a very good reason).

I’ll never forget the night she handed me a prospectus for Dilworth, an all-boys boarding school based in a strange place called ‘Remuera’ (Remu-where?). I imagined Remuera to be a hick-town in the middle of nowhere – not realising that it’s in the middle of the best little city in the world and is home to the best Bakers Delight in the country.

Delicious Bakers Delight Rolls
Don’t pretend like you can get 80c buns of this quality anywhere else

She strategically left me to read about the Dilworth Scholarship while she went to pick up dinner from the local KFC with my siblings (there is a reason this blog contains zero photos of me from that age).

So I was lucky enough to receive the Dilworth scholarship and arrive in Auckland, not knowing anyone. All of a sudden I meet this equally awkward teen … who then walked two steps to the left and revealed Cody sitting behind him.

Cody and I were both involved in a few productions and musicals at school, but became really good friends when we co-founded a social network for studying back in 2010 called Spektrym.

The Original Spektrym One of the original live pages from Spektrym, not bad for a couple of kids working in Cody’s garage (aka Camp Cody)

I want to press fast forward for a moment to about 2 months ago; I was on the search for the next step in the ol’ career journey, using Facebook ads to target potential employers. Cody was keen to grab dinner – nothing unusual there – and we got talking about work, the future and the future of work. This is scary stuff for someone who gets anxious when thinking about what to have for lunch.

After a wine or three, Cody mentioned that he was on the hunt for a new Sales and Marketing Manager and wanted me. What me? Yes you! Somebody loves me, yay!

Let me tell you a little secret (not even Cody knew this before I wrote this blog) – since Cody started Hatch, I’d always thought that it would be fantastic to work together again and build an awesome business while working with amazing clients.

On a serious note, It is a real pleasure to start work with Hatch and be working with Cody and the team. I am really looking forward to getting to know you, our partners, clients and fans and to help you be successful.