We're on a mission to re‑humanise technology

We live in a world becoming rapidly assimilated by technology. 

Technology with seemingly unlimited benefits; convenience, collaboration, cost efficiency & communication.

But what are the hidden costs? What about our dependency on our devices or the decreasing value of a human being? 

We believe we are in the biggest battle of our history. Not a battle for survival, but a battle for the preservation of meaningful human connection. 

At Hatch, we guide visionary business leaders to help make their businesses more efficient, more empowering and more human.

We consider it our supreme responsibility to infuse good ideals back into the technology industry so we can get on with what's really important: creating digital outcomes that actually empower humans.

Join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

Humans of Hatch

We're real people — just like you. Meet the team that gets a kick out of bringing big ideas to life.

William Chen

Senior Full-Stack Dev

Chan Ro

Full-Stack Dev

Gabrielle Kanapi

User Interface Designer

Ryan Qin

Front-End Engineer

Michael Mcleod

Full-Stack developer

Michael Fisher

Marketing Executive

Bai Wang Yek

Front-End Engineer

Janine Eastwood

Business Development Manager

Neo Ye

Front-End Engineer

Daniel Jones

Account Executive

Natalie Greville

Account Manager

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