Our journey

From a basement underneath our founder's home, to working with some of NZ's most respected companies – Hatch has grown remarkably over the last five years. All journies have a beginning. Here's ours.

An unlikely combination

Three young web designers enrolled in a Digital Media course. During an all-nighter on a tough group project, they decided to turn their great synergy into something serious.

Hatch is born

All great startup stories start in a garage. So did ours. We set up shop in one of our founder's garages, found our first clients and got to work!  

Hatch evolves

After a few years accumulating a good base of clients, we decide to take the next big step and sign a lease on a Newmarket office. 

Hatch hires

With a new vision for the business, we make our first non-director hire. Employee zero – Roy Zane – joins the team as a Full Stack Developer.

Enter the four-day work week

We decide to switch things up and the whole company moves to a four-day work week (Tuesday-Friday). 

Hatch week

The whole team heads away on a one-week retreat. We stay in a luxury hunting lodge nestled between Taupo and Rotorua to talk mindfulness, goals and get on the same page about where Hatch is heading.

Introducing the 90 minute lunch

Making time for exercise is hard, so we decide to do it together. Tennis and squash became a part of the regular working day — often with many of our clients and partners!


It took us four months, but we did it — we've rebranded! We're really happy to have a fresh brand that truly represents us and we hope you like it too!

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