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Dilworth X-Change

"Create a platform where people can donate time and money to provide opportunities to Dilworth Old Boys."

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The Dilworth Centennial Foundation Trust came to us with an idea to build a platform to help connect Dilworth Old Boys and supporters with current students to create life changing opportunities. With one of our directors being a Dilworth Old Boy, we were more than happy to get behind the cause.

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The Dilworth X-Change team presented us with initial look-and-feel designs which we used as a base to work from. It was important that the website reflected Dilworth School’s colours, values and themes but appear cutting edge. The website needed to function seamlessly across all devices, with a content management system which would be straight forward and easy to use.

We decided to keep the website very flat and clean with a minimal interface that was very content focused and heavily based around the Dilworth colours. We wanted the website to feel more like an app, so we kept the content short and concise and used smooth transitions where necessary.

We also implemented an administration system for the staff to manage and keep track of the status of time donations. Dilworth wireframe 7e94fc633c6a11e3508e4dafbba7a4e03a5396012f2a156ab9c322dd72d05cdb


  1. Responsive design from mobile to desktop
  2. Modern, interactive web site
  3. Web standards compliant
  4. Content management system for all donations

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