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Koala Baby Organics

"Develop an e-commerce platform for the NZ branch of a well-established and renowned international brand."

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Koala Baby Organics is a company that produces “the world’s most organic” skincare range for mothers and babies and distributes globally to Australia, USA, China, Japan and Hungary. They wanted a website that was entirely updatable with full e-commerce functionality.

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The project was under a very tight timeframe and involved close communication with the Jasmin Organics NZ team. There were strict design guidelines from the existing brand but we designed the new website to be fresh, clean and modern but still organic, soft and baby-friendly. Our goal was to ensure that the website remained consistent with the company’s existing brand and their values, but also have a modern touch.

For the admin side of the site we integrated with Shopify as it provided all the e-commerce functionality necessary for the client to sell and track their products easily.

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Jasmin Organics has won numerous awards for their Koala Baby skincare range and the website needed to showcase this. One of the big challenges of this project was to ensure that the amount of organic ingredients and high quality of the Koala Baby products was reiterated all throughout the website.


  1. Redesigned, responsive website
  2. Shopify integration
  3. Web standards compliant
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