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Stevens Lawson Architects

"Give the current website a design refresh and redevelop it on a platform that is accessible to mobile."

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Stevens Lawson Architects (SLA) came to us wanting to refresh and revamp their old website built entirely in Flash.

The current website was not accessible to mobile devices - a big problem now that mobile makes up 60% of all online traffic.

They wanted to maintain their existing, timeless aesthetic with quirky animations but ensure the website worked well across multiple platforms.

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Stevens Lawson Architects is a very high-profile, award winning NZ architect firm and it is very important their website reflected the high calibre of their work; this was a key consideration right from the start.

We met with directors (Nick Stevens and Gary Lawson) and John Scouller at SLA to gain an understanding of their concerns with the current website. The main issue at this stage was the inability for any mobile devices to access the website but there were also user experience issues and a design refresh to consider.

It was clear that we needed to run user testing in order to get an insight of the current state of the UX. We developed wireframes and then interactive prototypes and ran user testing sessions. The data showed the weak points in the UX which we fed back into the design process. We worked very closely with SLA to quickly iterate on the website designs whilst ensuring that their creative input was part of the process.

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The next challenge was to start developing the website. We wanted to keep the animations and interactions of the current website but transfer them to modern technologies. Whilst we were rebuilding these animations, we were able to take into consideration feedback from user testing and make improvements accordingly.

The final component of the build was the content management system. One big problem with the old website was that there was no functionality to update any areas of the website. We built a CMS for the website that allows SLA to manage all their projects, awards, staff and texts, saving them time and money.


  1. Interactive, full page map for browsing projects
  2. Animated logo navigation
  3. Web standards compliant full page scrolling website
  4. Full, custom built content management capabilties
  5. Entirely responsive design
  6. Separate mobile website
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