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Truly & Madly

"Create a one-stop-shop for all things wedding that relieves the stress of planning a wedding, giving users the time to be excited about their special day."

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The client came to us with an idea - to build a special place where brides-(and grooms)-to-be can plan their entire wedding all in one, online tool.

We worked very closely with the Truly & Madly (TM) team to refine the idea and develop an understanding of how a project like this would look on the web.

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Our first task was to establish a design aesthetic that was appropriate for Truly & Madly. We decided the brand should immerse people in a creative environment that inspires and excites them. We also wanted to blow users away with the brand; the logo, photography, branding content all needed to convey quality.

Next up, we tackled the online strategy. There were lots of ideas for to implement now (and in the future). We realised that Truly & Madly was always going to be evolving and we needed to allow for room to grow in the website platform. In the end, we chose Ruby on Rails as the foundation for this project. This gave us lots of room for expansion and the ability to quickly buildout and prototype new features was very important.

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The third piece of the puzzle was website management and administration. We provided the TM team with the tools to manage almost every aspect of the website from writing blogs to creating new inspiration boards.

The final job was to develop an online shop — this was a huge undertaking that took months and months of planning. The shop is another facet of the Truly & Madly website that provides the ability for users to list and sell items to other users.

Over the course of a year we collaborated with the team to prototype, discuss, design and build hundreds of features. We are extremely happy with the end product and can’t wait to watch it grow throughout 2015.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working so closely with the team at Hatch. From the very beginning, there has always been a strong level of respect and understanding of my business goals and they have gone above and beyond to ensure Truly and Madly is exactly how I envisioned it to be.

Hatch has not just helped me build a website, they have helped me birth a very successful wedding business."

Sony Nuth

Founder, Truly & Madly


Working with startups on such early stage products can be challenging as scopes and roadmaps always change. We reduced the effect of this problem by building a team that is agile and able to easily adapt to new requirements and pivot accordingly.


  1. Inspiration page with multi-faceted search and filtering system
  2. Fully-capable blog functionality for the TM Blog and TM Wedding Stories
  3. Supplier directory that is also searchable and filterable
  4. Suite of planning tools including a checklist, guest list, notepad pinned inspiration boards
  5. Custom-built forum
  6. Supplier admin login for managing their own products
  7. Fully-featured and custom-built content management system (CMS) for Truly Madly team to edit, update and manage almost all of the entire website
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