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Truly Madly

"Create a set of illustrations to be used on the front/back cover and internal pages of a wedding planning notebook for Truly Madly."

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Truly & Madly is a one-stop-shop planning tool for all things wedding. It’s purpose is to help relieve the stress of brides-(and grooms)-to-be. The team at Truly Madly wanted to created a physical, printed book which users could use as a supplement to the website. Trulymadly planning 1 59a3a7573c6cb7eb9bc5ea1824bced9634d757ef6a85c104ec382ac1f8f7e637


The aim of the notebook to ease the stress of offline users. The book needed to reflect the design aesthetics of Truly Madly but still be strong on it’s own. We decided on an illustration style that was soft, delicate and organic - it was important that the book was beautiful and inspirational, just like the website. The materials we decided on using were pencil, indian ink and watercolours on textured paper.

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"It has been an absolute pleasure working so closely with the team at Hatch. From the very beginning, there has always been a strong level of respect and understanding of my business goals and they have gone above and beyond to ensure Truly and Madly is exactly how I envisioned it to be.

They have been by my side from the start and have not just helped me build a website, they have helped me birth a very successful wedding business."

Sony Nuth

Founder, Truly Madly

The book consists of 16 sections (5 illustrated) for each stage of the wedding planning process. It also comes complete with checklists, tips and plenty of space for notes and ideas.

The sections that needed illustrations were: Beauty, Bridal Attire, Flowers, Inspiration, Stationery as well as the front cover of the notebook. Trulymadly planning 3 b501227b9532327b296d8e2e45f49ef23d6c60d76e7a402dc13bf1e48511269f


  1. 5 watercolour illustrations
  2. 1 watercolour book cover illustration
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