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UN Youth NZ

"Revamp the existing website so it is more user friendly, readable and accessible with a fully customised content management system that is easy to use."

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UN Youth NZ is a membership based organisation run by young people all over New Zealand. The organisation's main objective is to spread the values of the United Nations to the youth of New Zealand.

The client came to us with a content heavy, overwhelming website that was difficult to navigate through, text heavy, outdated and with a content management system that was a struggle to use. One of the main objectives of the new website was to reflect the values of the UN and appeal to a younger target market.

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We were in constant collaboration with the 2014 UN Youth executive team in charge of the production of the new website.

The UN Youth brand already had existing guidelines which we had to adhere to; this set the design style which was very clean and minimal with vibrant blues and yellows. Regarding the content and user flow, we had to simplify the user experience of the existing website - there were a lot of sections with a lot of content that all needed to be included in the new site. The new website was still going to be content focused but we revisited the information architecture and simplified the way it was organised.

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One of the challenges of the build was to create a content management system that was not only simple to use, but a system which enabled easily changing full page content without being restricted. Almost every section of the new website is updatable by the executive team and some pages are even entirely updatable. We also set up a user account system for members to manage existing users and invite new users to the admin section.


  1. Responsive design
  2. Redesigned website
  3. Full, custom built content management system
  4. Web standards compliant website
  5. User management system
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